Jenny Nolen
“Would You Like Some Cheese with that Whine?”

Strategies for Overcoming Negativity and creating an atmosphere more positive, productive and supportive.

Catherine Shoults, PhD
Vice President of AI & Analytics

"AI Decoded: Basics and Applications of AI for Hospice and Palliative Providers"

presentation is designed to provide hospice and palliative care professionals with a foundational understanding of artificial intelligence (AI), its current applications, and a perspective on AI’s potential impact on the profession.

Dr. Jennifer Kennedy, EdD MA BSN CHC VP, Quality and Standards, CHAP/ Community Health Accreditation Partner

Hospice Regulatory & Quality Update: Update Your 2024-2025 Dashboard?

This session will discuss the current federal climate related to hospice care and what needs to be on your organization dashboard for 2024- 2025.

“The Last Ecstatic Days” Viewing & Discussion

To honor patient Ethan Sisser’s final wish of filming his death, his doctor, Aditi Sethi, transports him to a quiet house in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Asheville, North Carolina. What unfolds next is a story that’s rarely glimpsed: how a community of strangers helps an unhoused man die on his own terms.

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